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Polycarbonate Shutter

Our polycarbonate roller shutters are of a special design with reinforced steel rods between the panels. The design and materials make our polycarbonate shutters extremely strong and resistant to forced entry. Ideal shutters for displaying valuables behind.

The combination of high visibility with exceptional strength make our polycarbonate shutters ideal for shops that want to keep valuable goods on display, such as jewellers. Also, these shutters are a good choice for premises that require a higher level of security, for example banks.

2 Types of polycarbonate roller shutters
We offer 2 types of polycarbonate roller shutter: the Facade and the Clearlook. Both are made from the same virtually unbreakable material, but there are differences:

Differences Facade and Clearlook
The Facade roller shutter is made from continuous polycarbonate panels (for shutters wider than 3 metres, panels are linked horizontally with aluminium mullion pieces). Panels nearer the top of the opening are lower, while panels nearer the bottom of the shutter are higher. This difference becomes especially notable on higher openings, where Facade shutters have larger areas of continuous polycarbonate.

The Clearlook curtain is made from smaller, standardized links (360mmW x 85mmH), connected by aluminium tubes. In effect this gives the shutter curtain a more regular look with more frequent visual interruptions.


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