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Roller Door

Our flagship shutter “Roller Door” is the new generation shutter and is suited for any type of Industrial, Residential and Commercial applications. Having no comparison with the traditional shutters currently available in the market, Roller Door is made of colour coated galvalume, wherein the aluminium – zinc alloy coating offers excellent corrosion-resistance & rust-free doors.

Roller Door is continuing to gain approval by architects, building owners and other end-users due to its versatility, ease of use, aesthetics and long-term performance. Also its unique profile and aluminium bottom rail reinforce against intruder penetration. Our unique Roller Door has three variants – Economy, Standard & Deluxe*.

Last but not the least, Roller Door requires minimal maintenance, just an occasional cleaning of the guides and the door surface.

Engineered for any opening,our Roller Door

  • Is strong and reliable
  • Is hard wearing and high performing
  • Is rust-free and bearing-free
  • Features a durable weather seal
  • Is extremely easy to operate
  • Requires minimal maintenance

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