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Striking features of Roller Door

  • Quality and Safety that is built on the strength gained from the unique broad-line profile and aluminum bottom rail is unrivalled. The unique spring-assisted spindle assembly will provide a Roller Door, that is always easy to open and close giving reliable performance at all times.
  • Low maintenance due to the use of nylon gears and aluminium parts, together with anti corrosive steel. Lubrication is not required and hence maintenance needs are minimal.
  • Light Weight product because of the shutters being manufactured with high tensile strength galvalume colour coated sheets, in contrast to traditional shutters made out of ordinary non-galvanised steel, which is heavy and has high chances of getting rusty.
  • The continuous curtain rolling technology allows a seamless joint between profiles. This also allows the shutters to be manufactured as per the specific dimensional requirements of the customers.
  • Easy operation is possible due to the light weight of the shutter and perfect combination of drum and precision springing, ensuring consistent balance.
  • Soundless operation due to nylon polyglide being used to give the door curtain a free, smooth and noiseless gliding movement through the guides, with a self-lubricating effect.

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